LUCID For Serum


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LUCID For Serum is a collection of purely keys & pads, making it possibly my most versatile collection of sounds yet. Keys & pads have been the most popular sounds I've covered over the years so I thought why not create a pack purely dedicated to them. I tried to design a collection of sounds that sound modern but at the same time have LO-FI characteristics (If that even makes sense?), resulting in some really unique presets that will help your productions stand out, whatever genre you produce.

This really represents the trove of polyphonic sound design knowledge I've accumulated over the years and I'm so happy to finally get it out there. I have no doubt you'll enjoy them, happy music making!

LUCID For Serum contains:

30 Keys
20 Pads

90+ bonus tutorial presets included.

Also included is the free SynthHacker Essentials bundle containing all my custom wavetables, noise files & tutorial MIDI.

Requires a copy of Xfer Serum v1.306 or later.